Clear water! (the basis of health)



What you have to know about it...

   Water is vital for our life, but this has been already known to you. Our body contains mainly water, which is always changing. It washes out excreta and poisons from the body. So it is important to replace it. The main point in this is the quality. If we take in liqiud which contains water but also a lot of undesirable elements, then the body can't make so much use of it. It will cost a lot of energy to digest it. 

   So if you decide to take in clear water, it's a good idea to know exactly what it is. Mineral water for example is not necessarily clear water. But they are definitely better than tap water.

   Neither refreshments which contain sugar provide enough water to the body, although these contain a lot of water. You can take in enough liters of them, but they are not so useful. The body is still 'thirsthy', only the feeling of thirthy was turn out.

   Water has several biological functions in the body and if the quality of the water taken in is poor, then these funtions can also suffer some changes. Just a little example: the boiling point of pure tap water and salty water (if you cook pasta) is different although both of them is 'water'.

  So now let's a look at what is 'good' if we talk about water. It is that which can fulfil the need and the biological functions of the body.

Clear water! - the facts

What is clear water?

   It is not tap water, nor mineral water. Clear water does not contain minerals, salt nor other elements. It is pure H2O.
   The body needs that kind of water which it can make use of, not the kind of which requires energy to make use of.
     It is more economical to make clear water at home with a special machine than to buy it regularly. So it is well advised that you have a machine which can make clear water out of tap water. You can use it not just for drinking, but also for cooking.

   Let's take a look around. We meet different kind of poisons, litter every day. Contamination has grown enormously, and these elements get into the water by the air and the rain. Water cleaners clear the water from contamination only to a certain limit and then they let the water to the water pipes and this kind of water comes to our home. It's also an interesting question that who had determined this limit?

   Also some mineral waters are made from this water. Yoo don't necessarily drink several thousand years old mineral water if you take in a bottle of mineral water...

      Our health is in our hands and if we do care about working on being healthier, then there won't be so many ill person. Cure is available, and there are a lot of doctors, however, the number of person suffering from diseases, allergies, cancer is increasing. What is causing this? I don't state that it is because of the water, but the quality of the water taken in affects on this. So if you think it woths take care of the drinking water, then get a water cleaner into your home. And send this link to your friends.

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